Battle for Oz,..coming to your bookshelf!

Pre-orders are closed as we are about to go to print with an expected shelf date of April 2014. We will reopen our Shop page as soon as the book is ready. It will be available for PDF download and print on demand exclusively at Stay with us on facebook for actual release dates and our 2014 Con schedule so you can get a signed copy!

Announcing an Epic Shaintar-Oz Crossover Event

Pirate Press along with Sean Patrick Fannon and the Savage Mojo team working on the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter campaign have been planning an epic crossover event which will connect the Land of Oz and the world of Shaintar.

The Battle for Oz Begins!!

Pirate Press the Battle for Oz Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded! Battle for Oz is an officially licensed Savage Worlds setting and the core book is the first in a series planned by Pirate Press exploring the famous continent of Nonestica, home of Frank L. Baum’s Land of Oz.

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